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by Release Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for EditorsEditors
ATHNBMCCWPDesigner - Fixed a crash when expanding Reference - LotusScript Language - All section in the LotusScript editor help panel. This regression was...
Hide details for Events/StatsEvents/Stats
SVEABXQAZDServer - Stats - Fixed an issue where lines in domino_stats file were being truncated.
Hide details for Formula/@FunctionsFormula/@Functions
ASHEBN8B8ZProgrammability - Mac - Fixed @Platform([Specific]) to return correct OS-Version on Mac OS
Hide details for Full-text indexingFull-text indexing
JBUDBRAKAKServer - Full Text Indexing - Linux - Fixed an issue with full text indexing on linux where Tika's Domino parent process ended but Tika (java) stayed...
NNAIBZV2VRServer - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where full text indexed database would sometimes stop indexing new documents. Symptom was an error in...
Hide details for Full TextFull Text
MOBNB5GQPGServer/Client - Full Text Search - Fixed an issue where empty directories were being created during full text search - directories had cxf-tmp-...
RRENBBRJN4Server/Client - Full Text Index - Fixed an issue with Full Text Auto Index feature where there was sometimes be a noticeable delay when searching due...
JCUSBW6SSAServer/Client - Full Text Search - Fixed a leak in full text search.
JBUDBNFH6RServer - Full Text indexing - Fixed an issue where the ability to search for names of attached files that were indexed without using the conversion...
MOBNC24NX9Server - Full Text Search - Fixed an issue where some documents were not sorted by date in search results after upgrading Domino from 9.0.1FPx to...
JBUDC57T3NServer - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where bmp files were not being ignored during full text attachment filtering.
Hide details for GeneralGeneral
PBIT8KVTJZClient - Fixed an issue where double-clicking on an EML file whose name contains " =" would fail to open the Notes document.
Hide details for iCaliCal
MBLT9MVDVKClient - iCal - Fixed an issue where .ics files containing umlaut character in their filename were not able to be imported.
Hide details for ID VaultID Vault
ASHEC5JLUQServer - ID Vault - Provide a debug notes.ini to update the IDFile view in the Vault on each look up of the user in the Vault in this view. ...
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
BKANC4XNS6Client - Install - Fixed an issue where the German Notes client installed the cacert.pem file in the wrong subdirectory. Workaround was to copy the...
ASIAC2VPZXClient - Fixed an issue where Notes would fail to launch if in the notes.ini file did not contain the Directory= entry. This regression was...
Hide details for JavaJava
MDAAC2AGMNProgrammability - Java - Fixed a crash under Java_com_ibm_domino_napi_c* dealing with idtables
Hide details for Java Backend ClassesJava Backend Classes
STAABXT4LSClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where attachments lost any comma and semicolon characters from their filenames when attaching the file using XPage...
Show details for Java ConsoleJava Console


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